So, what’s it like?

8 06 2010

To live in that box of yours? A very small box. So small, you can’t even change perspective…

You know, you really should get yourself a bigger box. I don’t expect you to go outside of the box just yet, but at least a bigger box. It would be a start, and then later, when you will be good and ready, you may come out of the box. Out to the wild land of different perspectives. It’s very nice, you know. All the things, that confuse you and make you angry can make sense all of a sudden. You no longer need to be confused and angry. Some kind of calm overwhelms you. That’s how it feels to live outside the box. And it’s not so crowded as it is in that little box of yours. Here out in the open, here you can stretch your feet and swim with shiny Koi fish trough the ponds of pink lotus flowers.

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2 odzivov v “So, what’s it like?”

8 06 2010
Bashi (15:43) :

Ahaha, zmaga fuL, lajkam!

8 06 2010
kaktuskaktus kaktuskaktus (15:53) :

Fala :D


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