Danes je bil dan lep.

30 04 2011


Pekli so se piškoti po receptu iz vrečke od ovsenih kosmičev.

piškoti pečeni

Mačka Momo je dobila fotko za na osebno :)

momo za osebno

in njena najljubša igrača… (kdo bi vedel, zakaj)


..delala se je sirnica (burek sirov)

dela se burek


Momo sirni predator:

predator kitteh

peče se sirnica:

sej bi dala še fotko pečenega, pa ga nekak ni več ;)

čunga lunga

Pa Čunga Lungo sm dobla!!!

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Gloomy Tuesday…

26 04 2011

I suppose it’s just one of those days…

YouTube slika preogleda

when I loose all kinds of motivation for life and stuff.

I did remember why I don’t like fish.

And the cat gave me lots of hair… out of love I imagine.

I should probably wash my hair and let it dry on the air as I watch the last couple of episodes of Vampire diaries (yes I watch it, shut up).

Also I feel I’m such a waste.. a waste of marriage material! I bet you thought I’m gonna say waste of space or some other self demeaning crap. Well, maybe my problem is that I think of myself to highly and then I scare people away. Oh well, what can I do? I can keep being awesome and maybe someone will gather that little courage it takes to walk up to me and say: “how you doin’?”

Yeah, I better go wash my hair now.. got to look pretty! You know, just in case…:)

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