BandCamp (also, fuck you myspace).

15 08 2010

MySpace is horrible looking and so out of date, that I cant even think of a metaphor, that would express just how out of date it really is. OK, sure some might say it’s a great place to find new bands an other things.. well, BandCamp has the same function. Well, not the whole MySpace, just the part with musicians. And It’s much more efficient and pretty.

BandCamp also has this great function, that enables musicians to offer their music for free and/or for a symbolic price. They can set the minimum price of an album, and the user, who wish to buy, can pay the minimum, or more. Witch is quite awesome.

I admit, I’m a pirate, but if I really like a musician I don’t mind donating a symbolic amount of money (broke most of the time, therefore symbolic:). I like to buy T-shirts at the concerts. Also I prefer buying at a concert, because there is no middleman who would take most of the money for them selves (I hope at least).

And so I encourage all the musicians to go to BandCamp and see what cool things it has to offer. I would go to, but I’m not a musician, not really. I just love the music.

And since I’m also a graphic designer (well, I want to be), I like to look at pretty web sites, and BandCamp enables you to make a really pretty site, unlike MySpace who hasn’t evolved since.. well since ever. Every time I have no other choice, but to go to MySpace I see the same lame and disgustingly primitive layout.

I know, I sound like a commercial for BandCamp, but that’s only because I like the concept of the site.

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