Rokavi v asu.

2 03 2010

H: “vedno moraš imeti več asov v rokavu”

KK: “jes mam v svojih rokavih sam še ene rokave :P

tole gre na blog!”

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Barva: Modra

9 12 2009

Have you ever noticed that blue is the primary color in the logos of IBM, Dell, HP and Microsoft? The reason for this is that blue conveys a sense of stability and clarity of purpose… That is, until you’ve experienced the blue screen of death!

This is a quote from: the principles of beautiful web design by Jason Beaird

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Šenkanmu zobu se ne gleda pod konja.

14 11 2009
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Nimam časa.

7 09 2009

“And now if you will excuse me, I have guest that are arriving, and the turkey is so undercooked, a skilled veterinarian could still save him.”

said the man, and slam the door.

(from Frasier, season 4, episode 7)

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Confessions of a Skull Mask

4 04 2008

You can’t kiss death without death kissing you back. Death is a passionate kisser.

Necrophilia Variations by Supervert

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Ljubezen Moja

3 04 2008

stisni iz svojega srca malo limoninega soka in pošlji mi ga v naslednjem pismu pa ne pozabi nahraniti mucija ključ skrij pod prepražnik

Ivan Volarič – FEO desperado tonic water

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1 04 2008

spavaj, spavaj, domobranček, saj te čuva partizanček.

Ivan Volarič – FEO

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It´s a Joke… or is it?

27 03 2008

“Why´d the necrophile go to heaven?” “I don´t know,” she said. “Why?” “He heard God was dead.”

necrophilia variations by supervert

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27 02 2008

“What´d I say?” I looked at her. She was soft and pretty, and the bed was warm. “I told him,” I said, “that it´s wrong to hurt yourselfe if anybody loves you. I told him that somebody must love him, and if he thinks that no one does, then he has to go out and find it-he has to find someone who loves him. Because love is everything. Love is great and glorius and if you die you´ll never knov just how glorious.”

Ta knjiga mi je res všeč.

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Hipotetično vprašanje

27 02 2008

“I have a hypothetical Question.”

” I have a holepunch, but let´s not get bigheaded.”

green wing

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Shriek Freak

25 02 2008

… “I´m going to kill you,” I hollerd. “Aaaaaaaahhhh!” she screamed. I sideswiped her, knocking her into the grass. “Aaaaaaahhhh! Help! Help!” I u-turned again. She stood up and stumbled. I raced up. “I´ll kill you, bitch!”…

Necrophilia variations

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Meat Substitutes

17 02 2008

What do soy beans and vibrators have in common? They´re both meat substitutes.

Necrophilia variations

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All work and no play makes Jack …

15 02 2008
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