Drill, baby drill, kill motherfucker kill!

8 06 2010

I am most seriously displeased! about 2 hours ago

Počutim se, kot da mi cel dan nekdo po glavi vrta… v resnici mi cel dan nekdo nad glavo vrta. Upam da pade z lojtre in si zlomi vsaj nogo. 22 minutes ago

in ne samo da zvok potuje po stenah, še faking vibrira cela bajta! o da bi mu crknal un stroj s katerim to dela!!! >: 7 minutes ago

al, pa da si prevrta koleno. to ja koleno naj si prevrta, da nebo nikol več vrtal al karkoli že razbija. 6 minutes ago

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Attention whores!

11 02 2010

We are all attention whores at some point. The key is not to overdo it.

The perfect example for an attention whore is Sanja Grohar. And I have the misfortune to now about her even since before she became miss Slovenia. And my god, I don’t remember seeing someone less talented, than her. She doesn’t have a voice, to be a singer, she doesn’t have a sense to recognise a good lyrics, when she reads one (if she even reads it), she doesn’t have the talent to move and dance in an appealing way (she just looks very uncoordinated and clumsy) and when she talks, I would like to shoot her.

Making a cheap copy of Beyoncey’s Single ladies video and computer generated voice aint gona change the fact, that she doesn’t have a talent. All she’s got is a body who looks good in a playboy.

On the other hand there’s Nina Osenar. She doesn’t have a very good voice needer, but she probably knows that and so she soroundet herself with the best people you can find, and together they made a decent project, that is her musical career.

YouTube slika preogleda

Moment like this is a fucking awesome video. That is because Mitja Okorn knows what the fuck he’s doing. I’m sure some will not agree with me and say that he’s a wanker, but I don’t care, because results are incredible. For someone from Slovenia he makes videos, that look like they were made in Hollywood. And if you’re an average music listener, Nina’s song will sound perfect to you. Because everything looks perfect, and even the lyrics is not so bad (it makes sense and I don’t notice some strange words who were put there just to make a rhyme), also Nina’s voice is not computer generated, and sounds ok (to me). So if I ignore the lack of singing voice, her project has a potential.

And I don’t want to kill her, when I hear her speak, because from her I don’t get the feeling, that she’ faking and overdoing it.

Now Nina and Sanja, they are both attention whores, It’s just that Nina makes the right moves, and Sanja should stop doing moves all together.

And I am an attention whore to, but my need for attention is smaller and I’m happy with just a reply on twitter or facebook, or a comment on my blogs or flicker. I’m especially happy when someone favourite my photos, because it means, they like my work.

(hihi, I just remembered… Sanja is a SM attention whore, because she would do anything to be famous)

And yes, I really don’t like her :)

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Sanja Grohar

10 02 2010

Mogoče bi mogla začet razmišljat o karieri v mcdonaldsu, rabjo namreč ljudi za hamburgerje pečt…

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